Max Reality Advanced Training Now Available

Max Reality Advanced Training

Max Reality is the most advanced storytelling tool available to broadcast meteorologists today. Using software developed by The Weather Company, an IBM Business, broadcast meteorologists can create dynamic 3D weather presentations that go beyond the green wall.

Tim Heller - Max Augmented Reality Blog

The software is complicated, however. Basic training is not enough.

As a member of the software field trial team, I was one of the first broadcast meteorologists to incorporate Max Reality into my daily weathercasts. Now, an independent trainer, I work one-on-one with broadcast meteorologists and coach them on creating engaging augmented reality weather content every day.

My CONCEPT TO CONTENT on-site workshop includes:

  • Coaching on creative storytelling using Max Reality
  • Building 3D weather explainer scenes
  • Tips and tricks beyond basic training
  • On-camera coaching for realistic delivery
  • Exploring opportunities for building digital content


That’s the number one question I hear from broadcast meteorologists and news directors. It’s tougher today because many TV stations are using the same graphics system.

It’s not the tools you have, rather how you use the tools will differentiate you from the competition.

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Tim Heller is an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, Talent Coach, and Weather Content Consultant. He helps local TV stations connect with their community through essential weather information.
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