Who is
Tim Heller

Tim Heller is not your typical talent coach and consultant. He is an award-winning AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with decades of major-market on-air experience.

“My mission is to keep communities safe during severe weather and help people live a happy, healthy life. Working with other broadcast meteorologists allows me to extend that philosophy.”

Tim Heller’s on-air weather coverage earned four Emmy Awards and multiple Best Weathercast awards from the Houston Press Club, the Dallas Press Club, and the Texas Associated Press.

As a member of The Weather Company’s field trial team, he was one of the first broadcast meteorologists in the country to incorporate Max Reality into his weathercasts.

What Makes
HellerWeather Different

Your weather team needs a coach and mentor who understands both sides of the business: broadcasting and meteorology.

“I have covered every type of weather event. From blizzards and flooding in the Midwest to the Fort Worth tornado, and Hurricanes Ike and Harvey in Houston. There were even a few sunny days in between.”

Tim Heller can help you develop a weather coverage strategy that emphasizes the strength of your weather team and extends your station brand on all platforms.

Where, When & How
We Work Together

Tim Heller can work with one person, the whole weather team, or the entire station group.

Right now, all performance coaching is 100% online. In many ways, that’s better for broadcast meteorologists. They can schedule the coaching session when they have available time, not when the consultant happens to be in town.

Got research? Tim Heller can help you develop and implement an action plan that generates real results fast.