Performance coaching for local TV station weather teams

WxComm Webinars are a unique coaching experience for broadcast meteorologists, produced and delivered by Tim Heller, an award-winning AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with decades of major market on-air experience.

Webinar Benefits:
  •   Strengthen teamwork among individuals working remotely
  • Innovative collaboration and creative inspiration
  • Convenient scheduling
  •   Led by a recognized industry thought leader
  •   Economical coaching option


Webinars are conducted live on Zoom and are typically 30-45 minutes long, with additional time for group discussion. Content is always customized to meet the needs of local TV stations.

Potential Webinar Topics:
  •   Weather Storytelling: Delivering the Essential Message
  •   Winter Weather Coverage Best Practices
  •   Maximizing Augmented Reality Storytelling
  •   Responsible Social-Mediarology
  •   Producing Viewer-Driven Weathercasts
  •   Digital Weather Coverage
  •   Effective Weather Teases that Always Deliver
  •   Covering Climate Change
  •   Severe Weather Coverage Best Practices
  •   Tropical Weather Coverage Best Practices

Individual performance coaching is also available for broadcast meteorologists. Click here for more information.