Report: More Local TV News, More Jobs

HellerWeather Blog_Local TV News Reporter

Local TV stations produce an average of 5.9 hours of news per weekday. That’s a record and that might be why TV news employment was up 2.6% in 2018. Furthermore, a study conducted by RTDNA and Hofstra University shows 29% of news directors expect staffing to increase in 2019.

The survey is a detailed look at local TV based on responses from news directors and general managers from across the country. The study found management is “overwhelmingly confident in the future of local radio and TV.

News directors say they are increasing the quantity and the quality of local news.  For instance, more reporters are chasing in-depth issues instead of breaking news. Newsrooms are producing more long-form specials. And 30% say they are investing in the staff with additional training.

Augmented reality weather content is one way local newsrooms are innovating. Others are producing updates on Alexa and special newscasts for social media platforms. One respondent said the most innovative thing they did last year was “fire the news director.” OK…

The research was compiled by Bob Papper, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Journalism at Hofstra University. You can read the full report in the links included above.