Changes in the Weather_Tim Heller Weather Blog

Several years ago I read an article in Money magazine about people who quit successful careers and started over. HellerWeather is my second career.

After working 35 years in front of the camera, broadcasting the weather in small, medium and major markets, covering morning and evening shifts, I decided to step away from the chromakey and help other broadcast meteorologists build successful careers.

There is a demand for more content on more platforms. There is also a need for more training, coaching and guidance on creating content that is effective and connects with viewers.

TV stations are hiring again, but early-career broadcast meteorologists aren’t fully trained on all facets of the job. Some established weather talent could use help navigating this new workflow that alternates between broadcast and digital.

I can help. Over the course of my career, I estimate that I’ve produced over 25,000 weathercasts, probably just as many teases, a few thousand webcasts and countless hours of continuous storm coverage tracking tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.

HellerWeather is your partner. I know both sides of the business: broadcasting and meteorology. I offer an outside opinion with inside knowledge of the work involved. Together, we’ll develop best practices for broadcast and digital that are unique in the market and extend the station brand.

I started this company so I could help the people who help other people stay safe during severe weather and live a happy, healthy life. Click the link below to schedule a discovery call and let’s get started.